Customer Services Knowledge & Content Expert

  • Opportunity Summary:
      • Be a component part of the change support team handling business requests for information and guidance on process and systems used by Customer Solutions front line and support functions, including all aspects of the customer journeys including IVR, skill mapping etc. in line with all Terms & Conditions & Quality Assurance parameters.
      • Interpret insurance & product information to blend process knowledge with content development and delivery
      • Interpret and process information to support increasing pace of change re our core systems, i.e. Horizon, iCare, CRM etc. 
      Role Performance measures
      • All Customer Experience Metrics
      • Quality Assurance
      • Process & System Expert in relation to all Customer Journeys internal and external
      • Reliability
      • Expert in All Process and Systems within the customer journeys
      • Attention to detail
      • Quality of Written English (grammar & spelling)
      • Agile and ability to deliver design and content in tight time frames including updates to knowledge base
  • Qualifications:
      • Interpret and process any change so that content can be delivered and knowledge documented and shared with all areas of Customer Solutions.  The go to person for accurate information
      • Understands customer needs
        • Can rapidly understand business requirements and the need for change in circumstances in order to enable the business reaching all goals and metrics
        • Supports training goals and objectives, assisting in the creations of training material and updating training content.  Supports on adhoc basis and when required the delivery of any training material   
      • Provides personalised service
        • Provides prompt, efficient and personalised assistance to meet the business requests, providing accurate information to questions so that the right business decisions can be made to improve performance and key business metrics. Delivering to tight timescales so a need to be agile to the constant changes required by the business is key to the success of this role.
        • Seeks ways to exceed business expectations proposing appropriate solutions and improvements and creating content to be able to deliver materials on changes made.
        • Development of content, such as knowledge articles, to enable customer facing staff to support customers with accurate and timely information
        • Some classroom style training delivery as and when required.
      • Acts professionally
        • Is pleasant, courteous and professional when dealing with internal or external partners; displays a good-natured, cooperative attitude; is calm and empathetic when dealing with different viewpoints and recommendations, defends represented brands consistently and ethically and has the customer at the for front of their mind.